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Allswell  #KonfemLokal

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Konfem Malaysians Love
Their Food And Drinks.

But of course, we can’t always enjoy our favourites guilt-free.

This is what Allswell is about -
Natural sedap-ness that’s konfem made for Malaysian wellness.

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Frutara berry

Allswell Frutara Yogurt Bites

Konfem most people won’t believe we can grow superfruits right here in Malaysia.
Allswell can konfem that magic can happen in Chuping Valley, Perlis.
Watch how we create our best-selling snack and konfem it yourself.

Allswell Immunity Drink

Konfem many don’t know we have the best R&D experts in Malaysia.
We can konfem this with the creation of Allswell Immunity Drink.
Formulated by Malaysians, for Malaysians.

Immunity Drink berry

#SapotLokal today and savour the taste of homegrown goodness with Allswell!

Whether it’s harvesting happiness from local soil or boosting immunity through local expertise, Allswell’s efforts in making Malaysia healthier is KonfemLokal.

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Enjoy a guilt-free snack made from
fresh fruits and real yogurt.

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