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How Wellmune® Works

Knowing how Wellmune® works, is the key to understating its ability to help strengthen the immune system. This unique immune-supporting ingredient triggers human immune defenses that have evolved over thousands of years to protect the body, but how exactly does Wellmune®  work?

Wellmune® goes to work in the body to safely help maintain general immune health, protect against the harmful effects of stress and more.

Training the immune system to move effectively.

When taken daily, as a supplement or in a functional food or beverage formulated with this unique yeast beta glucan, clinical research shows that Wellmune helps to support the innate immune system by training it to be ready to react.

Think of your immune system primed by Wellmune® as your wellness team that has been trained daily to go into action during game day. When you take Wellmune® every day, immune cells are better prepared to go into action.

  • When consumed, Wellmune® enters the gut.
  • Cells in the gut absorb Wellmune® and travel to immune organs throughout the body.
  • These cells break Wellmune® down into smaller pieces that attach themselves to immune cells.
  • Primed by Wellmune®, those immune cells move effectively when challenged.

Support vs. boosting; what’s the difference?

Wellmune® is not an immune booster, and that’s a good thing. While it seems like ‘boosting’ immune function will help the immune system respond more rapidly, the opposite is often true. A boosted immune system can overstimulate the immune response, throwing it out of balance, and affecting many systems regulated by the body.

For strength, inside and out.

Supporting the immune system is a holistic concept that considers all the immune system’s components and mechanisms of action. Supporting means compensating for natural, age-related declines in immunity, the effects of stress, and other conditions contrary to good health. Supporting immunity means providing your body with the tools it needs to function optimally.

Make your immune function as strong as possible.

By priming your immune cells to be ready, Wellmune® can help strengthen immune function. While we know the primary way to do this is to maintain the healthy habits that keep your immune system running smoothly, experts also agree that sometimes extra functional ingredients, like Wellmune®, are beneficial to immune health.

There is also emerging evidence that Wellmune® can “train” the body’s immune cells to react.

Have healthy days with Wellmune®.

Safe for daily use, Wellmune® helps improve general immune health. Have questions about how Wellmune® can help you be well and stay well?